Clinical Resources

Clinical Resources

Defense & Veterans Center for Integrative Pain Management provides a wide variety of tools, resources, meetings, and workshops available to the public. As a direct result of our research we have created several publicly available tools to assist in the treatment of acute and chronic pain management.

Below you will find links to resources such as the Defense and Veterans Pain Rating Scale (DVPRS) as well as information about upcoming meetings and workshops. For questions or additional information about the resources below you can reach us on our contact us page.

The Pain Assessment Screening Tool and Outcomes Registry (PASTOR) is a 20-30 minute survey that produces a comprehensive 3-page clinician report of a patient's chronic pain.

It is inevitable that everyone will experience some sort of pain in their life. Understanding Pain was developed to provide individuals, family members, and clinicians with general strategies for managing acute and chronic pain. Based on an Australian concept for pain education, Understanding Pain is a product of the Department of Defense (DoD) - Veterans Health Administration (VHA) Joint Pain Education Project (JPEP).

This handbook, developed by DVCIPM serves as a resource for managing the pain of battlefield trauma, and should educate anesthesiology residents in the art and science of advanced regional anesthesia techniques.

This free resource is available as a downloadable PDF and supplemental questions to be used to determine a patient’s level of pain.

Pain management and evacuation are often critically linked. These resources provide information and necessary documentation for use during air or ground evacuation.

This compilation of free resources are available as free PDF downloads to provide information on current military clinical practice guidelines.

Several pain management professional organizations have established Shared Interest Groups or “SIGs” for their members who are part of Federal Medicine. These SIGs allow members to share information about best practices, research, national initiatives, and opportunities to participate in larger organizational lines of effort.

As part of a multifaceted strategy to combat the opioid crisis and provide non-pharmacological alternatives to pain management, DVCIPM and the VHA National Pain Management Program Office completed a Joint Incentive Fund acupuncture education and training program entitled, Acupuncture Training Across Clinical Settings (ATACS).

In August 2009, then Army Surgeon General, Lieutenant General Eric B. Schoomaker, chartered the Army Pain Management Task Force to make recommendations for a comprehensive pain management strategy that would provide optimal quality of life for soldiers and other patients dealing with pain. The final report contains holistic, multidisciplinary, and multimodal pain management strategies to address acute and chronic pain of soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines, veterans, and others.