Air & Ground Pain Casualty Evacuation


Regional anesthesia provides multiple benefits for patient evacuation. The patient isn’t incapacitated by the anesthesia, can manage their own dosage in appropriate circumstances, and is quickly relieved of pain that can hinder their evacuation.

This downloadable PDF provides an overview of the technique for clinicians.

Regional Anesthesia Initiative Jan 05.pdf

Below are further resources for clinicians and patients using this technique.


Hardware: Use, Documentation, and Purchasing

The proper tool for facilitating Patient-Controlled Analgesia (PCA) is an infusion pump. The AmbIT PCA infusion pump is certified for air worthiness. Information on the use of a PCA pump and documentation for the AmbIT PCA pump are below:

For Clinicians:

PCA Infusion Pump FAQ's: Basic instructions for the clinician.

Air Worthiness Certification: The AmbIT PCA pump has received airworthiness certification in a variety of rotary and fixed-wing aircraft.

AmbIT PCA Purchasing Inquiries: Buying an AmbIT pump.

For Patients:

Military Patient Manual: Basic instructions for a patient using the PCA pump.



Defense & Veterans Pain Rating Scale (DVPRS)

DVCIPM is glad to provide a graphic tool clinicians can use to facilitate self-reported pain diagnoses from patients.

DVPRS Scale: A free pain reporting scale for diagnostic use

DVPRS Supplemental Questions: Supplemental questions for use with the DVPRS.