Pain Educational Videos

DVCIPM, in collaboration with clinicians from the Military Health System and Veterans Health Administration, developed a series of pain management educational videos targeting the most common issues facing Providers and Patients.  These Videos are intended to augment the Joint Pain Education Project (JPEP), which was tasked to develop a common DoD/VA pain management curriculum for primary care providers.

Understanding Pain

It is inevitable that everyone will experience some sort of pain in their life.  Understanding Pain was developed to provide individuals, family members, and clinicians with general strategies for managing acute and chronic pain.  Based on an Australian concept for pain education, Understanding Pain is a product of the Department of Defense (DoD) - Veterans Health Administration (VHA) Joint Pain Education Project (JPEP).

Pain Assessment/DVPRS (Provider Focused)

The DVPRS is a graphic tool designed and validated by clinicians and patients to improve self-reporting of pain. DVPRS integrates the traditional numeric rating scale for pain intensity while integrating functional descriptors, bio-psychosocial impact of pain on sleep, mood, stress and activity. This video provides an overview of why the DVPRS was developed and how it can be utilized in clinical care.

Chronification of Pain

The progression of pain from acute to chronic is complex and very often, avoidable. This video provides a bio-psychosocial overview of the “Chronification of Pain” and the opportunities for clinicians to intervene.

Essentials of Good Pain Care

Every clinician desires to provide quality pain management for their patients. Every patient with pain would like to receive quality pain care. What does “good pain care” look like? The Departments of Veterans Affairs and Defense have been working to develop and implement a common operational picture for the type of pain care they are building within their respective health systems. This video provides an overview of the Six Essentials of Good Pain Care.

Medication Take Back/Safe Disposal

The United States is in the midst of a national epidemic of prescription medication overuse, abuse, and diversion. It is essential for providers and patients to understand the risks of improperly using, storing, or disposing of prescription medications; particularly prescription pain medications. This video provides a short "Public Service Announcement" style overview of this issue.

Stepped Care Model for Pain Management

The MHS Pain strategy incorporates the Stepped Care Model of Pain Management developed by the Veterans Health Administration. The Stepped Care Model provides a roadmap to providing appropriate level and intensity of pain management and effective treatment to patients with acute and chronic pain. This video provides an explanation of the Stepped Care Model for Pain Management and its use in the DoD and VHA.


PASTOR v2.0 from DVCIPM on Vimeo.

The Pain Assessment Screening Tool and Outcomes Registry (PASTOR) is an IM/IT capability being developed in the Military Health System to provide clinicians with pain-related patient reported outcomes and a clinical decision making tool. PASTOR integrates the NIH Patient Reported Outcomes Measurement Information System (PROMIS). This video provides an overview of PASTOR development and its capabilities.

Safe Opioid Prescribing/Tapering

With the nation in the midst of an epidemic of prescription medication overuse, abuse, and diversion, the DoD and VHA are committed to ensuring that their providers understand how to appropriately, safely, and effectively prescribe opioids. This video utilizes the latest guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, clinical practice, guidelines, and medical evidence to provide an overview for opioid prescribing and tapering.

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