Installation Instructions

Step One

Visit the MARAA Book Page on the DVCIPM website. Locate the Kindle (.mobi) file of the MARAA book on the webpage

Step Two

Right click the link for the Kindle (.mobi) file then left click 'Save Link As...'

Step Three

Save the file somewhere you will remember on your computer. In this example the MARAA book was saved directly to the desktop.

Step Four

Connect your Kindle to your computer using the USB charging cord that came with your device.

Step Five

Once you connect your Kindle to your computer you should see an AutoPlay window pop up. If you see this window, click on the option to 'Open device to view files' then proceed to Step Six
Note: If the AutoPlay window does not appear follow steps Five - Part B & C.

Step Five - Part B

If a pop up window does not give you the option to 'Open device to view files' you can click on the start button and select 'Computer'

Step Five - Part C

You should now be able to select your Kindle

Step Six


Once you have selected you Kindle. Click on the 'Internal storage' folder.

Step Seven

Click on the 'Books' folder

Step Eight

Locate the downloaded .mobi file on your computer and copy & paste or drag the file in to the 'Books' folder on your Kindle

Step Nine

After the file is done transferring unplug your Kindle and check to make sure the book opens properly.