In The News

  1. Featured in Healio, April 2013, entitled "Mental health problems linger in veterans with major limb injuries"
  2. Featured in Medscape News Today, April 2013, entitled "Effects of Blasts Injuries May Last 2 Years" by Pauline Anderson - (Medscape Log-In Required)
  3. Featured in Montreal Gazette, April 2012, entitled “Better armour, treatment saves more wounded soldiers, but many left in chronic pain” by Sharon Kirkley
  4. HJF Creates First eBook For Client. The Military Advanced Regional Anesthesia and Analgesia (MARAA) is available via phone or tablet in a number of forms.
    HJF “The Scoop” Summer 2011, p.3
  5. Featured in News Front Page: “Warrior Clinic Reduces Pain Medication Use” by Joshua Wick
  6. Video on Pentagon TV, Pentagon Channel Report, March 2009 “Walter Reed Helps Manage Pain”
  7. Featured in US Medicine, August 2008, entitled “DoD Trauma Care Improvements Discussed” by Sandra Basu.
  8. Article in Army Times, July 16, 2008, entitled “Doctors Explore Early Treatment to Help Prevent Chronic Pain” by Gina Cavallaro.
  9. Highlighted in Stripe and US, April 2008, “New Pain Management Clinic to Open” by Kristin Ellis, Walter Reed Strategic Communications.
  10. American Society of Anesthesiologists Newsletter, December 2007, entitled “Military Pain Medicine: State of the Art” by Michael Verdolin, MD.
  11. First recipient of Across the Services Award, October 2007, presented by Headquarters Staff HAF / IMMG C. J. Hilsinger.
  12. Featured in US Medicine, August 2007, entitled “Transforming Pain Management in the Military”.
  13. Featured in JAMA, June 13, 2007, entitled “Researchers Probe Nerve-Blocking Pain Treatment for Wounded Soldiers” by Terry Hamptom, PhD.
  14. Featured in Newsweek, June 4, 2007, entitled “New Research Into Pain Treatment” by Mary Carmichael.
  15. APNews, May 7, 2007, entitled “Doctors Urge Better Pain Care for Troops” by Lauran Neergaard.
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  17. Featured in Anesthesiology News (Clinical Anesthesiology), November 2006, (Issue 11, Vol 32:11); entitled “Battle Wounds Spur Advances in Regional Anesthesia, Pioneering Techniquest Easing Pain in Combat Vets” by Karen Blum.
  18. Featured in the Wall Street Journal, June 13, 2006, in an article entitled “Pain Pump Tested in Battle”. Highlighted the use of the ambIT portable infusion pump by Sorenson Medical Inc., by the US Military.
  19. Featured in Military Medical Technology, Online Publication, February 2006. Highlighted patient and health care provider options for treating pain.
  20. American Pain Foundation, Special Online Chats with Chester “Trip” Buckenmaier III, MD, LTC, MC, Chief, Army Regional Anesthesia & Pain Management Initiative (ARAPMI) at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. “Battlefield Medicine and Combat Trauma: New Approaches to Pain Relief” September 9, 2005; “Pain as a Disease Process” October 18, 2005; “The History of Pain Treatment in War Times: Progress and Pitfalls” November 28, 2005; “Talking With Your Doctor About Pain” February 21, 2006.
  21. Featured in a televised Special Report by ABC News, May 2005, in a series entitled “New Approaches to Treating Battlefield Injuries.” Highlighted are the pioneering techniques used by LTC Buckenmaier and the Regional Anesthesia Team to aid wounded soldiers in the management of pain resulting from battlefield injuries.
  22. Featured on NPR, April 2005, in an interview with Terry Gross entitled “Army Doctor Pioneers Pain-Relief Work.” Highlighted were the developing regional anesthesia procedures used to manage severe pain in wounded soldiers.
  23. Featured in WIRED magazine, February 2005, in an article entitled “The Painful Truth.” Highlighted Brian Wilhelm, the first US soldier treated in Iraq, by LTC Buckenmaier utilizing continuous peripheral nerve block techniques.