Defense & Veterans Pain Rating Scale (DVPRS)

DVPRSDefense & Veterans Pain Rating Scale (DVPRS)

The DVPRS is a graphic tool clinicians can use to facilitate self-reported pain diagnoses from patients.

DVPRS Scale: A free pain reporting scale for diagnostic use

DVPRS Supplemental Questions: Supplemental questions for use with the DVPRS.

NOTE: Permission is granted for clinicians and researchers to freely use the Defense and Veterans Pain Rating Scale (DVPRS) as is, without alteration.  If used in revised or altered form, it should not be referred to as the Defense and Veterans Pain Rating Scale. 

Using the DVPRS

The video above provides an overview of why the DVPRS was developed and how it can be utilized in clinical care.

DVPRS Health Care Provider Survey

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Alternate Language Versions

DVPRS Scale and Supplemental Questions (Spanish)

DVPRS Scale (Vietnamese)

DVPRS Supplemental Questions (Vietnamese)