Joint Pain Education Program (JPEP)

JPEP's Mission

The JPEP is a collaboration effort between the Department of Defense (DoD) and Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to develop a standardized pain management curriculum to improve complex patient and provider education and training.

The Objectives of the JPEP are to:

  • Standardize DoD/VHA education curriculum content, supporting materials, and a variety of commonly accessible delivery systems.
  • Enhance pain care transition between the DoD and VA
  • Commit to learning and training our providers, teams, centers, and agencies together; ultimately building a new model of pain care. 

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Curriculum Outline

1.1   Understanding Pain Video

10.3  Chronic Low Back Pain

2.1    Modern Understanding of Pain

11.1  Shoulder Pain

2.2    Pain Taxonomy and Physiology

11.2  Hip Pain

2.3    DoD/VHA Stepped Care Model for Pain Care Recovery

11.3  Knee Pain

3.1    Assessment of Pain

12.1  Myofascial, Connective Tissue and Fibromyalgia Pain

3.2    Assessment Tools

13.1  Central Neuropathic Pain

4.1    Acetaminophen, NSAIDs and Opioids 

13.2  Peripheral Neuropathic Pain

4.2    Adjuvant Medications

14.1  Headache Pain

5.1    Chronic Opioid Therapy Risk Evaluation and Mitigation

15.1  Visceral Pain

6.1    Behavioral Management of Chronic Pain

16.1  Psychiatric Comorbidities and Pain

6.2    Provider Communication in Chronic Pain

17.1  Geriatric Pain

7.1    Physical Based Therapeutic Approaches to Pain Management

17.2  Palliative and Oncologic Pain Care

8.1    Integrative Pan Medicine

18.1  Women Pain Related Issues

9.1    Pain Medicine Specialty Care

18.2  Opioids and Pregnancy

10.1   Neck Pain

18.3  Female Pelvic Pain

10.2  Acute Low Back Pain

Educational Videos

DVCIPM, in collaboration with clinicians from the Military Health System and Veterans Health Administration, developed a series of pain management educational videos targeting the most common issues facing Providers and Patients.  These Videos are intended to augment the Joint Pain Education Project (JPEP), which was tasked to develop a common DoD/VA pain management curriculum for primary care providers.

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