Board of Directors

The Defense & Veterans Center for Integrative Pain Management Board of Directors, formerly known as the Military Advanced Regional Anesthesia & Analgesia, is a tri-service, multi-disciplinary group of providers that makes recommendations about integrative pain management in a battlefield environment.

DVCIPM strives to improve the treatment of pain in wounded soldiers. The first successful continuous peripheral nerve block was used on a wounded soldier in October 2003. Through the efforts of DVCIPM, peripheral nerve infusion pumps and patient-controlled analgesia pumps have been approved for battlefield use and for flights on military aircraft, allowing pain control for patients undergoing difficult medical air evacuations from austere environments. Due to these collaborative efforts, the first battlefield Acute Pain Service was established in Afghanistan in 2009.

COL Chester “Trip” Buckenmaier is the founding member and current president of the DVCIPM Board of Directors.

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